Primero el review. Como me daba fiaca (pereza) escribirlo fui a Amazon y de todos los que había elegí el que mas se adapta a lo que pienso yo. Sorry es en inglés. Ultimamente mezclo idiomas en el blog, me desagrada la pureza en los idiomas y me gusta mezclarlos algo que ofende muchos en España pero a mi me gusta hacerlo por lo cómodo que es.

La MSI XSLIM es como una MacBook Air con Vista y en mi caso Ubuntu. No se puede maquear bien. Una pena porque ahi si que sería un buen rival a la MacBook Air porque la batería dura más, parece pesar lo mismo, las dimensiones son similares, tiene SD card reader y más USBs. Ahora para Ubuntu parece genial. Para Vista aguanta pero Vista es una batata y necesita mucho hardware y esta XSLIM le faltan caballos para Vista. Pero bueno aquí viene el review que saqué de Amazon.

The MSI X340 is an extremely slim (0.7″ thin) and light (just under 3-lb) laptop that rivals the MacBook Air, but without the high price tag and it also runs Windows! Vista Home Premium 64-bit to be exact. I have an Lenovo U110, which is an amazing laptop all on its, but I found myself wanting a bigger screen, and the x340 is the perfect answer, its 13.4″ LED-backlit LCD screen is bright and show good vivid color contrast. The keyboard is not as responsive as the Lenovo (which generally regarded as having the best keyboard in the industy), but nevertheless, it is a very respectable keyboard that show little flex during typing. The HDMI 1080p works perfectly on my Samsung LCD, which I used quite often not just to watch video, but also to simply use it as a large computer monitor along with my cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse. The HDMI also passes audio to my Samsung LCD TV speaker, not sure if it pass 5.1 digital surround signal since I don’t have an HDMI AV receiver. This is just about the most perfect ultra-portable laptop, with its price, weight, large 13.4″ screen. The only thing I can think of that would make this laptop perfect is an additional USB port (currently only 2) and the additional of a second/right mouse button, and perhaps a slightly more powerful battery. The standard 4-cell last a little over 3 hours of mixed use with Wifi on at all time with FTP upload, web browsing, document creation and screen brightness set at about 75%. I know some of you might also want to add DVD/blu-ray drive to the mix, but the resulting increase in price, size and weight will not justify the benefit. This is a wonderful laptop for those of us who want a small and light ultraportable with a large screen, but didn’t want to spend more than $1000 for a new laptop.

Aquí está el ridículo video del lanzamiento en Taiwan de la MSI XSLIM. No te pido que lo veas todo pero por unos minutos te va a parecer increible que hagan algo asi para lanzar una laptop. Es más viéndolo te vas a dar cuenta por qué hagan lo que hagan en China hasta que logren hacer lanzamientos tipo Apple no van a poder conseguir los P/E de Apple.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

O ver mi video.

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