Acabo de escribir este post en inglés en el que hablo del problema que va a tener Obama gestionando las emociones tan fuertes a favor y en contra que provoca en la población en general.

Aquí va un ejemplo de emociones a favor:

I worked his last rally in Manassas, Va on Monday and was at the Whitehouse last night. In Virginia 100,000 people waited in the dark on a field for many many hours in the cold and he was an hour and 15 minutes late. But they were so so hopeful and inspired. I felt like I was in a church. Even little children were moved. I knocked on doors in Virginia this last month and talked to a lot of people and also on the phone in Iowa and Pennsylvannia. Some undecided. Some for McCain. Even some Obama people hung up on me. But the Obama voters were all excited and hopeful even in the face of this horrible depression. And the undecideds and leaning-McCain voters all felt wretched. I feel compassion for them. Because to be without hope in our time right now is scary. Walking around DC all day yesterday was amazing. People were so happy. Strangers were talking to each other and hoking at each other. Last night was insane! People ran up to cars to hug other people. Everyone was crying. It was like being in a European city during the World Cup. He gave a great speech last night. I loved the part when he said … “the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms, or the scale of our wealth but from the enduring power of our ideals democracy, liberty and opportunity and unyielding hope.”

Esta comentarista, Anne escribe con el mismo entusiasmo que mi hija Alexa con quien me estaba comunicando durante la noche, que estudia en Columbia y que pasó la noche de fiesta en Harlem. Su descripción: “we were this crazy group of white kids from Columbia dancing on 125th St, the energy of the crowd was amazing”. Me sentí feliz de que justo mi hija llegar a Estados Unidos y pudiera votar por primera vez a un presidente como Obama en un momento tan especial de la historia norteamericana.

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