Mañana a las 1630 entrevisto al Profe Jonathan Zittrain de Harvard y Oxford en el Instituto de Empresa en Serrano 105. El tema es el futuro de la privacidad en Internet. Si lo de entrevistar es mi nuevo interés, además de dar charlas yo me gusta entrevistar a gente brillante como Jonathan Zittrain y aprender. Quedan algunos sitios para los lectores de mi blog. Para reservar hay que escribirme. Pido disculpas porque la entrevista es en inglés y sin traducción.

Peer-to-Fear: The Future of the Internet and Privacy

Invited Speaker: Professor Jonathan Zittrain , Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation University of Oxford – Oxford Internet Institute

Privacy issues arising from government and corporate sources are genuinely interesting and important. But they are dwarfed by a series of threats to privacy that do not fit the standard analytic privacy template. They come from the sorts of Web 2.0 activity that is usually thought of as individually empowering. The generative internet has drawn upon three ingredients to create a new form of privacy problem: cheap sensors, peer production, and reputation systems.

These problems arise at the technical layer in Internet and PC security, and at the content layer in ventures such as Wikipedia, Flickr, and Facebook. Effective solutions for these issues may have more in common with solutions to other generative problems than those associated with the decades-old informational privacy analytic template.

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