Yesterday I started playing with MP3tunes. It´s a great service. MP3Tunes is like a personal Flickr for songs, you basically post your songs on the internet so you can listen to them from anywhere. But it´s meant for you or maybe for you and a close number of buddies who share your username and password, but not for the whole world. In my case I loaded songs to my MP3tunes locker (where you keep your songs) for my own use. I did it because I have been dealing with memory problems in my gadgets like the Nokia 770 tablet. In that tablet, which is a great way to surf the internet in your pocket I only have 512MB of memory. But with WiFi access, memory becomes a non issue. Instead of having my pictures in my tablet I have them on Flickr, instead of having my music in my tablet I have them in MP3tunes. If you don´t pay anything to MP3tunes you get 1GB for free. If you pay $40 you get unlimited storage so I am now in the process of signing up for this offer and send my 33GB of music. A problem of course is the uploading. My ADSL connection is especially bad for uploading but Fon has an answer for this problem and is the Fon Liberator the new social router that we will launch hopefully by Christmas. The Fon Liberator is a Fon social router with a web interface that will allow you to stick your iPod or external hard drive with all your music for example and over the internet you will instruct this router mini linux computer to get those 33GB of music and send them to MP3tunes or many other services without you having to tie up your laptop in the process. We expect to price the Fon Liberator at only $75. So how do I see the future of gadgets? I see it more and more as a world in which specialized gadgets come with less memory and most key files, music, pictures, videos are store on the web independantly of whether they are yours or belonging to other people.

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